Welcome to Sho Tanimoto’s website.

I am an associate professor at Kumamoto University in Japan. Before that, I have been a postdoc at Rice University and the University of Copenhagen. I received my Ph.D. from Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University in 2012.

My interests lie in the fields of algebraic and arithmetic geometry, in particular diophantine geometry. I am also interested in the minimal model program, moduli spaces, automorphic forms, spectral theory on adelic groups, and their applications to algebraic geometry and diophantine geometry.

Email: stanimoto (what you know) kumamoto-u.ac.jp
Here is my CV.

Partially supported by JSPS, KAKENHI Early-Career Scientists Grant numbers 19K14512
Partially supported by Inamori Foundation
Partially supported by MEXT Japan, Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers (LEADER).

Seminars organized

Algebraic Geometry/Number Theory seminar with Takeshi Abe,
Kumamoto University, 2018-Present
Stacks seminar with Takeshi Abe,
Kumamoto University, the academic year 2019
Berkovich seminar with Lars Halvard Halle and Fabien Pazuki
University of Copenhagen, the academic year 2016-2017,
K3 seminar with Fabien Pazuki
University of Copenhagen, the academic year 2015-2016,

Conferences organized

Geometry via Arithmetic
BIRS, July 11th-16th 2021
SQuaRE workshop Geometric Manin’s conjecture in characteristic p II
AIM, June 8th-12th 2020
Rational points on Higher Dimensional Varieties
RIMS, Kyoto, December 2nd-6th 2019,
SQuaRE workshop Geometric Manin’s conjecture in characteristic p
AIM, June 10th-14th 2019
Higher Dimensional Arithmetic Geometry
Kumamoto University Japan February 18th-21st 2019
Birational Geometry and Arithmetic
ICERM, Brown University, May 14th-18th 2018
N-Cube Days VI
University of Copenhagen, June 2nd-3rd 2017
N-Cube Days IV
University of Copenhagen, June 3rd-4th 2016

Some links

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Kumamoto University
Mathematical Society of Japan